Whole30 Recipes

My wife and I began the Whole30 Program at the beginning of 2017. Both of us needed to move toward a healthy, sustainable diet. An unintentional benefit of that process was the change in our definition of good food.

The Whole30 didn’t force us to expand our palates. We weren’t making some elaborate concoction to help unusual food taste “good”. It did the opposite. We began to focus on eating real, basic, non-manufactured food and do it consistently.

If you’re not in the right mindset to constantly see “food as fuel,” then you need to find ways to change up the use of those basic items. This is a collection of some of my favorites.

Quick opinion: If you don’t have an Instant Pot – get one! It’s the best Whole30 kitchen “tool” in your arsenal. Simply, you can cook anything in it, in bulk, really fast. Plus, anyone can use it, even me;) There’s a reason that it’s all the rage on Pinterest.

These are not my personal Whole30 recipes, I’m not that talented. However, do feel free to check back often, as I’m constantly adding to it.

NOTE: Most of these recipes are Whole30 compliant out of the gate. However, you may need to adjust a couple to fit the rules of the Program, i.e., don’t use Parmesan or honey in the yummy Brussel Sprouts, Eggs and Bacon. Get used to reading all of the ingredients – you’ll need the practice. You’ll just naturally start doing it anyway.

Hey, just a recent add! Here’s a few staple foods that we use throughout the Whole30 that you can find on my blog: