Whole30 Update: February 2017 – Day 31

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Whole30 Update: Day 31

BAM! Day 31 means that we did it! This Whole30 Update is all about wrapping things up. Right? So it’s time to open that bag of chips, pour a glass of soda, and get my Italian sub on … Yeah, hold on there Skippy. There’s still work to do.

Step Into The Shallow End

General thinking is that “it’s a 30 day diet. Once 30 days is over AND I’ve accomplished my goals, it’s okay to jump back into my NORMAL diet.” Simply the fact that my wife and I put in all of that work it seems like a waste if we were to trash it. But there’s physical issues to consider as well.

We stopped consuming sugar, grains, dairy and legumes. The 30 days gave us a chance to adjust to any withdrawals and allowed our bodies to heal from inflammation caused by those food types. We essentially gave ourselves a reboot. If we jumped back in with a pizza, beer, and ice cream Super Bowl party, we would feel like crap afterward. Plus, how would we know what caused which symptom?

I should be able to narrow down if sugar, grains, dairy or legumes are responsible for any of my physical issues that I mentioned in the Why I’m Doing The Whole30 Eating Plan post. So there has to be a plan to slowly ease those foods back into my diet if I truly miss them. If I don’t, then there’s no need to go back to something “less healthy.”

Reintroduction Plan

The plan, from the book It Starts With Food, is to introduce the food types back into your diet one group at a time while still keeping the rest of your diet as Whole30-clean as possible.

Here’s a quick overview of the plan:

  • DAY 31 – Will have some legumes at each meal. Peanut butter, refried beans, black beans, etc. Then back to 2 days of strictly Whole30 while paying particular attention to how I feel.
  • DAY 34 – Non-gluten grains like corn, rice, gluten-free oats, quinoa at each meal. Yeah oatmeal is back on the menu! Then 2 “clean” Whole30 days.
  • DAY 37 – Time to evaluate dairy. Yogurt, cheese, and wait for it … ice cream! Gotta be thorough, right? Two Whole3o days.
  • DAY 40 – Time for the king of digestive inflammation, gluten-containing grains. This will be the muffin, whole wheat bread, pasta, etc. And finally 2 stictly Whole30 days to finish it up.

Now, after day 42 is in the books and we’ve figured out which foods we think are causing our issues, it’s “officially” over. Then it’s time to hit Paunch Burger for breakfast.

Results So Far

I wanted to throw in a quick mention of my results after the initial 30 days. First, I lost 7lbs. I did workout but not nearly as often, or as consistently, as I would like. Also, as an aside, I will get through this shoulder injury.

And my wife is probably sick of my constant mentions of it but my energy level has skyrocketed. Normally (pre Whole30) I would come home from work and need to sit/lie down for a bit. I definitely wouldn’t be very productive and wasn’t as engaging with the family as I would like.

Now? My wife calls it Tiger Blood. As soon as I get home it’s time to get the house picked up. What can I do to help with dinner? Let’s be engaged with each other. How was your day? … You get the picture. Even though I have a physical setback, it hasn’t been affecting my spirits at home. I credit this diet.

Next Whole30 Update

My next Whole30 Update will be late next week, after day 42. I’ll circle back to my first post that had my specific reasons for starting this program with my wife. We’ll go down through and see if I accomplished any of them or if anything has improved. Also, I’ll go over the final 12 days and let you know what we determined.

Until then, remember, anyone can improve their health, fitness, and quality of life.

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